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Dprosoft Training helps your organization build the right skill levels amongst your workforce to support your various IT projects. Our training programs cover a range of domains to take care of your organization’s total training requirements. We work with you as your training partner to extend a range of services including:

On – Site training Program:

Training provided at the client’s site

On-site training courses are delivered to your team, at your location, on your schedule, without sacrificing your organization's project plans. This training method eliminates your travel-related expenses and it offers the convenience of arranging the training to fit your time constraints. If your goal is to train 15 or more employees in the near term, then on-site training generally is your most cost-effective strategy. On-site training allows you to focus course content on the issues that are affecting your organization today.

Benefits of Onsite Training and Consulting
  • Lower per trainee cost.

  • Complete confidentiality.

  • Course content and case studies can be tailored to your industry or your company.

  • Convenient scheduling

  • Course level can be scaled up or down to fit the exact needs of your organization.
  • Use of pre-assessment tools (questionnaires, tests, conference calls) to match precisely the course content with the needs of your group.
  • Select your own instructor(s).
  • Personalized customer service: one member of our staff will build a relationship with you and professionally service your training needs.

Work while you learn - we can integrate your organization's projects into the course curriculum, enabling your people to move projects along with the help of an experienced project management expert.

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