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With the ongoing changing scenario in the last decade with global opportunities, rapid growth and extreme competition, employee leasing method is being adapted consistently as part of manpower hiring activity. Our employee leasing coupled with payroll services provide a cost effective, professional and effective salary / payroll / administrative and consulting service to businesses that do not have the requisite infrastructure or resources.

We, provide valuable pay-roll tools for employee leasing under the following conditions :-
  • When budget constraints place a strict limit on department headcount, our payroll services enables you to add a person to your team without officially increasing payroll.

  • When you would like to evaluate a candidate on-the-job before officially hiring him or her.

  • When you want to employ a person for a specified term only. Our Payroll Services frees you of the paperwork of adjusting your payroll records.

Other services included with employee leasing are -

  • Interfacing with state and central government departments and ensuring compliance with all tax rules and regulations

  • Maintaining vacation, sick leave, and other such details

  • Ensuring that employees can access electronic copies of their paychecks set up and maintains direct deposit accounts, adjust tax withholdings, and review other information.
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